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Photo of Orean Barney at a Rock Show in 2000Barney’s Rocks is our family’s legacy of the legendary Orean Barney.

He was born in the desert near the town of Escalante, Utah in 1916 in a shack that once was a chicken coop. This became his first home. From the time he was five years old he herded sheep and worked on his grandfather’s ranch. That is when his passion of rocks began to grow. He enthusiastically studied rocks of every size, shape and color. He also researched the earth’s layers and where different species of rocks could be found. By the age of twelve he moved to Richfield, Utah. This is where he lived most of his life.

Orean Barney married the love of his life, Faye, in 1939. Four children blessed their life and home. He served in World War II. During his time serving his country, he contracted an illness that affected him the rest of his life. Through his struggles, he once again found peace and solace in his passion for the treasures of mother earth. The great outdoors became Barney’s path to healing and his livelihood.

Barney began his hunt for rocks far and near.

Barney journeyed everywhere, from mountain peaks, caves, rivers, deserts and forests. His footprints could be found most everywhere. With his natural instincts and talent he was able to find treasure others had overlooked or left behind.

Men, women and children like Barney are called by many names, rock hounds, prospectors and miners (You may be one of them!). Barney was a zealous searcher with a type of ‘Gold Fever’ in his blood (or any other mineral or rock of value). Barney was a lone wolf most of the time, trekking over endless miles, searching for an elusive find.

Barney was a husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend.

His stories and hardy laughter were the best of all. Children loved him instantly. Although he loved many, rocks and gems were his best friends. His endless stories we all cherish. Barney spent hours with family and friends teaching them and sharing his vast amount of knowledge (mostly self-taught).

Barney spent the last twenty two winters of his life in Quartzite, Arizona. He and his wife Faye lived out of their trailer and set up a booth for selling their rocks. It was there that they made many treasured lifelong friends.

His knowledge, rocks, stories and memories are the greatest treasures he left behind. And now… we’d like to share them with you!

Written by his daughter: Betty Jean Barney Farnsworth